ComfyBed Equine Bedding


Manufactured from dry recycled wood fibre from our manufacturing facility in Mountrath, our product is the ‘greenest’ equine bedding product available and makes a long lasting, comfortable and free-draining bed that stays dry on top. Horses also stay cleaner as it doesn’t cling to manes, tails or rugs.

    • Dust-free and odourless
    • Quick and easy to muck out
    • Absorbent with maximum cushioning
    • Completely and entirely natural – no additives or chemicals
    • Very low moisture content
    • Stores conveniently outside-20kg bales.

It is very important to us that we keep our customers happy, so ensuring consistent quality and dependable supply are key priorities for us.

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How to use Second Harvest ComfyBed

Using ComfyBed could not be easier to use.ComfyBed comes in easy to handle 23kg bales and can be spread throughout the stable without fuss or trouble.The bedding is suitable for all types and sizes of horse from the Flat to the Pony Club.

When using ComfyBed first make sure the stable is cleaned out completetly.Spread 10 bales of ComfyBed in the stable(12’x12′) having the bedding approx 6″ in depth.Reintroduce your horse to the stable and watch him enjoy the benefits of Comfybed.

Maintain your stable in the usual fashion.ComfyBed will drain away all excess fluids with ease,leaving your surface clean and dry. Dropping can be picked up with the fork and disposed to the compost heap.Add 1-2 bales per week of ComfyBed ,concentrating on wet or soiled surfaces.

Disposal of ComfyBed can be done in the usual manner and is similar to other wood based beddings.It is an ideal for composts and can be spread on land helping to fertilise it.

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