ComfyPlay® Playground Surfacing

ComfyPlayComfyPlay® Playground Surfacing is an innovative, unique and environmentally friendly playground surfacing material.  Tried and tested, it has quickly become a favourite amongst parents and children alike.  It is a very dry and absorbent fine woodchip product which is virtually dust-free.  It makes a long lasting, comfortable and impact absorbing surface which does not cling to clothes or shoes.

Benefits of ComfyPlay®:

    1. Virtually Dust-Free
    2. Doesn’t blow away
    3. Long lasting
    4. Comfortable
    5. Impact absorbing (see Installation & Maintenance Guidelines below)
    6. Excellent drainage
    7. Completely natural and biodegradable
    8. Low maintenance
    9. Easy to handle (23kg bales)
    10. Also available in cubic metre bags

Contact us now to discuss your ComfyPlay® Playground Surfacing requirements and for details of your nearest stockist.

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