SecondHarvest® Landscape Wood Mulch


SecondHarvest® is virtually dust-free, does not blow away and has been attributed with significantly improved weed suppression and water conservation.  It makes a long lasting, durable ground cover that is rich in colour, amplifying the vibrancy of your planting schemes.

Benefits of SecondHarvest®:

  1. Virtually Dust-Free
  2. Doesn’t blow away
  3. Excellent drainage
  4. Improved Weed Suppression
  5. Enhanced Water Conservation
  6. Rich in Colour
  7. Completely natural and biodegradable
  8. Low maintenance
  9. Easy to handle (23kg bales)

One cubic metre at a depth of 50mm covers 20 square metres, at a depth of 100mm covers 10 square metres and so on.  SecondHarvest® is available in 75 ltr. bags and cubic metre bags.

Contact us now to discuss your SecondHarvest® Landscape Wood Mulch requirements and for details of your nearest stockist.

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