Picket Fencing Panels

Our Picket Fencing Panels are an ideal fencing option for the smaller garden and are available in the following 3 designs:

    1. Single Sided: A single panel fence with pickets attached to one side of the sturdy frame and with a small consistent gap between each picket


    1. Closed: As per above but without a gap between the pickets for extra privacy


    1. Double Sided Hit & Miss:  Pickets are attached to both sides of the sturdy frame with every second one alternating so that there are no visible gaps yet the wind is able to pass through the fence.  Ideal for neighbouring boundaries as a joint project.


There is a choice of 3 finish options for the tops of the pickets: round top, bottle top or flat top and also the face of the pickets come in plain or ribbed.

Our Picket Fencing Panels may be purchased in pre-assembled panels of 1.8m in length with height options of 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5, and 1.8m.  For the DIY enthusiast, they are also available in loose format comprising of the loose pickets (with top finish of choice), back batons and fencing posts.  They can also be set into timber or concrete H-posts depending on your requirements.  One can also have hardware fitted to a panel so that it can work as a discrete picket gate within your fence.

They are pressure-treated with Tanalith® E, which is a water borne preservative that protects the timber, ensures its longevity and is suitable for environmentally sensitive applications.  The timber is light green in colour and to maximise its lifespan, it is recommended that it is maintained thereafter by painting or staining on an annual basis.

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