Post & Rail Fencing

Our Post & Rail Fencing is produced from Native Sitka Spruce and is a very popular, economical choice for your garden, as a field boundary or for a paddock.

Post & Rail Fencing can be installed as a 2-Rail, 3-Rail or 4-Rail Fence, depending on your requirements.  Rail options are 35mm thick or 44mm thick and our standard posts are 75x75mm with even heavier options available.  A D-Rail is also available which has a curved edge top and bottom giving it a D shape.  Further details on post and rail dimensions below.  Can be ordered by the metre.

Our Fencing is pressure-treated with Tanalith® E, which is a water borne preservative that protects the timber, ensures its longevity and is suitable for environmentally sensitive applications.  The timber is light green in colour and to maximise its lifespan, it is recommended that it is maintained thereafter by painting or staining on an annual basis.

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